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The 17 miles of Apache Lake offer days full of unforgettable experiences. Fish in the reeds of a secluded cove, explore the many caves and cliffs lining the lake, or engage in your favorite watersport away from other boaters or choppy waters. Keep your eyes peeled for big horned sheep, bald eagles, javelinas, gila monsters, and the many other types of wildlife not found in urban areas.


It’s hard to not hate the drive to Apache Lake, but once you get here, you’ll understand why it’s worth the drive. The farther distance from the city serves as a deterrent for the traditional lake riff raff. A longer drive means less people, which means you’ll have more of the lake to enjoy with your family and friends.


Thanks to its seclusion, Apache Lake is the perfect location for all watersport lovers. Don’t battle with the choppy waters of overcrowded lakes. Instead, opt for a slightly longer drive, and enjoy glassy waters perfect for wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, and much more.


Apache Lake is surrounded by the Tonto National Forest and Three Bar Wilderness area, both of which are home to the beautiful flora and fauna of Arizona. Curious big horned sheep are known to venture on the cliff’s edges to investigate boaters, and bald eagles keep a watchful eye up and down the lake.


Apache Lake is home to channel and flathead catfish, largemouth, smallmouth, striped, and yellow bass, bluegill, crappie, walleye, trout, and carp. The lake has multiple fishing habitats courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish, and has dozens of coves, shallows, and channels fishermen and women can escape the crowds in. Several fishing tournaments are held here every year thanks to our wealth of fish and our accommodations to host fishermen any time of the year.


The lake and surrounding area are so much more than a water lover’s paradise. In the cooler months, embark on hikes to explore the nearby caves, waterfalls, or to search for the elusive Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine.

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