This project involves roadway reconditioning, culvert cleaning, minor
and major drainage improvements, parking lot improvements, chip seal surfacing and
pavement on the steep sections.

Work in progress

  • SWP continued with culvert installations at STA 1275+16 and STA 1342+82
  • Archeologist monitoring was performed at required culvert crossings
  • SWP continued screening on-site material to be used as riprap
  • SWP performed roadway maintenance

Upcoming work activities

03/27/23 to 03/31/23

  • Culvert pipe installation will continue
  • SWP plans to begin construction of headwalls
  • Clearing & Grubbing will take place at pipe locations cleared by the Biologist
  • Screening of material generated on-site will continue
apache trail work in progress

A section of corrugated metal pipe being lowered into the trench with an excavator

apache trail work in progress

Material being compacted towards the top of a pipe trench

apache trail work in progress

Culvert backfill operation

apache trail work in progress

Pipe backfill being placed and compacted in 6 inch lifts on the sides of a newly installed pipe