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Apache Trail – Progress Report 02/27/23 to 03/03/23

This project involves roadway reconditioning, culvert cleaning, minor and major drainage improvements, parking lot improvements, chip seal surfacing, and the pavement on the steep sections.

• SWP directed a startup meeting for culvert pipe installation
• SWP installed culvert pipes at STA 1324+62 & 1328+72
• SWP cleared & grubbed culvert areas from 1252+75 to 1472+32
• SWP continued sorting roadway excavation material
• SWP resumed road maintenance near culvert work areas

03/06/23 to 03/10/23
• SWP will continue removing & replacing culvert pipes
• SWP expects to commence placing riprap at culvert outlets
• An archaeologist will be present to monitor work areas during culvert construction
• Equipment mobilization is anticipated to resume

SWP excavator removing existing culvert pipe (STA 1324+62)
SWP removing existing material to establish culvert foundation grade & level (STA 1328+72)
SWP laborers assisting excavator to place culvert pipe segment(STA 1324+62)
SWP using a loader to backfill the installed pipe(STA 1324+62)
SWP laborers using jumping jacks to compact fill material (STA 1328+72)
SWP CAT motor grader grading road (STA 1328+72)
SWP excavator and loader processing excavated site material (FS 51, STA 1632+50)